holy shiiiiiiii--

Carbs/Calories: Hhhhmmm, bowl of cereal, Crunchie, Fruesli Bar, 2 slices of toast dripping with butter (mmmmmm), a tuna roll, 2 packets of crisps, another Crunchie and a packet of Cheddars - no wonder I'm not so hungry now!
Caffeine: Three cuppas and a couple of cans
Wolf ate: More recycling, his own poo (I know, he's banned from licking my face ever again), his tinned food (already opened and now empty, he has a very long tongue), 3 towels, the other wedge sandal and some crumpets (he is a British dog afterall)
Number of hours I spent trying to beat the computer at Solitaire: Um ... two? Don't ask how many games that equates to, I'm still in denial
Watching: Medium, Season 4 (I think)

--it! I've got to be on set tomorrow morning for around 8am, ha ha! I'm going to be interviewing Michelle, ha ha! And have just been told that I'll be doing DM cos he practically directs himself so Gill's not gonna bother coming to set, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! And wolf has just managed to clock me in the face good and I have multiple scratches! Great! Love it! I'm hoping hysteria is a good look for me ... I think I need to go to bed now if I'm going to be out the door by 0730 complete with walked wolf, washed hair, heavy make-up to cover the abuse and still make it on time. Still, on-set breakfasts are heaven on earth so there's something to look forward to!

Ooh and on a normal work front: I completed a PasC today that was the nicest, the easiest PasC in the world. Ever. It took me a couple of hours to log all the shots (by eye as, once again, we had no EDL* or timeline**) and count up the actors total durations and the episode durations. I'd already listed all the actors and copyright the day before, again all of a couple of hours worth of work. Of course, it was only a ten minute long piece but, boy, did it feel good! Unfortunately Christmas needs to be done a second time due to changes in the DVD version. I'm trying to pretend that I don't know about that because if I think about it I'll start crying.

* Edit Decision List - literally a list of edits by the timecode they appear at ... I should post one so you guys can see it. Fairly indecipherable unless the editor calls the clips something rather than the tape number, and even then it can be confusing!

** Timeline - literally the edit laid out on a timeline. Very helpful if you can coerce someone to help you with the paperwork. They sit on the timeline, jumping to each cut and yelling timecode and programme, you list on the paperwork and then either go back and list the actors or attempt to do it at the same time. Depending on the length of the programme can take days

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Carbs/Calories: I've been eating beef stew for a week, with homemade dumplings ... does that answer the question? Caffeine: Piddly today. Two cups of tea, got distracted by final ep of Torchwood Number of hours I spent doing actual work: At a push, one. I rock! Wolf ate: Several bananas and my wedge sandals (my hardly worn wedge sandals!). He only stopped there cos I've taken the afternoon off to clean Watching: I'm done with Torchwood, back to Twilight Parental visit imminent in: Roughly two and a half hours (eek!)

So final ep of TW3, bit of a shock. And that should be difficult given I first read the scripts last year. Yuppers, they changed the ending ever so slightly and it's a shocker. Riley and I sat there with identical WTF faces, it was quite amusing in hindsight. Definitely not what we were expecting. Don't worry, that's all I'm gonna say.

Booked a haircut online (ain't tech great?) for next Sat. Hoping that crazy hair is contributing to build up of static electricity I seem to be suffering with. On the plus side others are sharing the pain with me whenever I touch them, heh.

I haven't even started cleaning the house yet and there's dog pee all over the kitchen floor. I washed that yesterday. He chose the one thing that was fine and ruined it. Again. I don't think my wolf is any ordinary dog, I think he's a werewolf with a grudge. Cos he's waaay too smart to be just a dog. Oh my god, does that mean that the next full moon the huge scratches I've got across my face will suddenly start sprouting hair? Will I start baying at the moon (more than usual)? Will this vendetta that he seems to've started continue when we're both wolves?? Watch this space!
smug (dead) bastard

I'll gibber if you want me to ...

Carbs/Calories: Lots: 1 pizza, 1 cheese roll, several chocolate digestives, 2 packets of crisps, 1 Crunchie, 1 Toffee Crisp, 2 slices of toast, 1 bar of Ikea chocolate ... why am I still hungry?? Caffeine: Numerous cups of tea. In an effort to spread the joy I even made RTD a cuppa today Number of hours I spent doing actual work: Hhhhmmm ... two? Wolf ate: My thermals, again, a candle, a telephone wire, my last biro and RIP the Liberty Elephant from a couple of days ago Watching: Torchwood Weather: Other than swimming instead of walking the dog, we're just peachy up here.

I simply could not face doing more paperwork today. I tried, I really did. But realising that half the programme still needed its actors listed, and they were all Classic actors I went and made more tea instead. And then I hit upon the most excellent plan ever; watching the offline locked copies of the new TW3 series. Which is actually part of my job, just not as currently urgent as the seriously overdue paperwork. Particularly as it's five hours worth of telly that I shouldn't really be watching when there's more important things to do. But fuck it! I thought, if the bosses wanna go to Dubai and leave us to it then I'll damn well take the day off the paperwork (particularly as I worked the last two weekends at home on it too!). Well, I only managed to watch four due to the late start, extra long lunch break and the odd interruptions - tea making is a serious business. I loved the scripts. I loved the visit to see the 456 build (well, I liked the visit, just not the journey). I thought I'd love the episodes. Collapse )

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ...

Carbs/Calories: Not enough, it's freezing! So I've started on the dark chocolate digestives in the hope I get to eat some before the dog steals them all! Caffeine: 1 cup of tea so far, due to rise precipitously very shortly Number of hours it's spent snowing: At least 18, must be. And it's still going Wolf ate: 4 (yes, count them, FOUR) toffee crisps. more bedroom carpet, my thermals and a lot of snow Watching: Being Human, yes, there does appear to be a vampire trend going on in my life right now Weather: Blizzard conditions, heading rapidly towards a white-out out there. Wolf and village kids loving it.

Yes, I have been snowed in! Whoop! A work free snow day, can't get better than that. Two inches fell overnight and more snow is currently falling. The wolf is ecstatic. Peeps at work yesterday suggested sledging in today, funny guys. So I'm going to spend the day trying out tester paints, making the soap I was supposed to make last weekend, finally doing the washing up and maybe watching a movie or two. Poor Hannah had to attend a shoot this morning as we were interviewing DM, she lives another 20 mins or so north of me and on slightly higher ground. I just text her to say get out whilst she still can and judging from text reply the questions have probably become rapid-fire and David will be having to talk even faster than normal.

In other work news, Ian is a cock and has (once again) screwed up logging the episode I am now incredibly behind delivering the paperwork for. So I am (once again) having to fix his mistakes. Which meant working all weekend. Which makes me very very angry. Not sure I'm going to last the next four months without killing him or anyone else. Watch this space (and National news bulletins).

Wolf is still driving me insane. He gets so excited if he can see people outside that he runs around and moans a lot. He's had an hour this morning but because the village kids are in the field opposite with sleds, he's going batshit and running in and out the back garden in an effort to go join them. Otherwise, he's actually getting a bit better.

Village news: I have two new friends. Sue and Joanne. Sue lives on the high street and has a little terrier mix puppy called Owen who loves playing with the wolf. His head is so small that the wolf can put his jaws around it. Owen retaliates by grabbing a mouthful of fur on the wolf's flank and just hangs off it whilst the wolf runs around. It's brilliant!

Joanne lives around the corner with her Italian boyfriend, Carlo. They have a 12 year old dog of indeterminate breeding called Luke. Joanne and I regularly walk the two mutts together as we're both new to the area and know very few people. She's a year younger than me and we get on really well. Between Sue and Joanne and the old geezers from the top field I feel like I'm really settling in here. There's nothing funnier than an early morning walk with retired pensioners who swear their heads off and tell you all the tales of their misbegotten youth! Although they're all crap at weather forecasting, they laughed when I told them it was going to start snowing again this morning. Hah! That'll teach you to listen to the girl!!

List of lust (Part 2 of 2)

Carbs/Calories: Two packets of Worcester Sauce French Fries and a packet of Mini Cheddars Caffeine: 4 cups of tea and a can of coke. Stoopid Training Courses Attended: Why, when I don't drive for work, do I have to attend a driving course?! Wolf ate: Plastic chopping board, 2 tin cans, packaging on a candle, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD, my backup mobile phone (after he ate the first one) and wallpaper from the hallway Watching: Twilight, possibly for the third time this weekend Weather: Wet and wetter. Ground has actually defrosted and my normally white and silver wolf comes back from morning walks brown. Comments about the New Doctor: Do people not understand the term 'National Secrets Act'?

Don't get me started on the driving course, poor new boy Matt got the full force of miffed-me today and is now a little scared of me.

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List of lust (Part 1 of 2)

Carbs/Calories: Absolutely none because I've been too lazy to go food shopping Caffeine: 4 cups of tea and counting (faaabulous!). Phonecalls from London: All programmes have now been delivered and transmitted so none, whoop! Although my name wasn't on yesterday's programme, damn them! Wolf ate: more carpet by the front door, two plastic plant pots and a partridge in a pear tree (it's not Christmas anymore so he's allowed) Playing: The Force Unleashed Weather: Fuckin' freezin'! Hasn't really gone above zero since I moved here. Comments about the New Doctor: None to make, sorry peeps!

I don't really have much to post, it's all things that have gone wrong with the house (bad wiring, bad drains, bad plumbing, bad radiators, bad decision to buy?) so I decided to put together a lust list based on crystalkirk who has, in turn, stolen it from others too.

Ground Rules: Name your Top 20 List Of Lust, in no particular order. Your neighbor or school teacher doesn't count. The list can be male, female or mixed. They can be real life celebrities or characters in a movie or TV show. For example, you might want to gag Mariska Hargitay, while still lusting after Butchy McFabulous Olivia Benson. Tag 5 people on your flist to do this meme. ... I'm going to tag anyone who wants to join in.
(I've been dying to use this icon for months!)
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fame and fortune

Carbs/Calories: 2 packets of crisps and 3 chocolate digestives (not bad) Caffeine: 4 cups of tea and a bottle of coke (faaabulous!). Phonecalls from London: 6 (not bad) Wolf ate: wii instruction manual, brand new tin opener still in its packaging, 2 pizza wrappings (thankfully without the pizza in them) Watching: Lost in Austen Weather: Pissing it down

Work: Collapse )

Fame: Collapse )

Eye Candy of the day: Callum Keith Rennie. Collapse )

House: Two weeks to go! Two weeks to goooooo! Contracts were exchanged on Friday, completion date is set for the 1st and then I shall be home, sweet home. I can't wait!!

Random: I got so thirsty and began craving a coke so much whilst walking the wolf that I stopped outside Tesco's in the Bay and asked the security guard to buy me a drink (with my money obviously). And he did. Soaking wet in a coat a sex too big for you (it's a man's coat) obviously pulls at older men's heart strings ;)